About EGBA
Fair play and responsibility
The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is the industry body representing the leading online gaming and betting operators established, licensed and regulated within the EU. EGBA promotes the implementation of a fair, competitive and regulated market for online gaming operators throughout Europe in line with EU law. EGBA believes that this regulated market should be based on genuine public order and consumer protection concerns and be adapted to the cross-border nature of the online market. A successful regulated market would be based on effective European and international collaboration and cooperation.

Responsible Gaming
Since its formation, EGBA has championed the role of industry self-regulation both to develop a consistent approach throughout Europe and to stay ahead of legal and regulatory evolutions. All EGBA members are required to comply with stringent Standards which cover all elements of their business from consumer protection, social responsibility to responsible and ethical marketing practices. These EGBA Standards are a commitment by all members to: the highest levels of corporate, financial and social responsibility; providing customers with a safe and secure playing environment where gaming can be enjoyed as a leisure and entertainment activity ensuring high responsibility in the promotion of online gaming and betting services In addition, all EGBA members are also members of the European Sports Security Association (ESSA) whose objective is to promote sport integrity. Thanks to an early warning system, ESSA members are able to identify unusual betting patterns on specific competitions and to immediately inform the relevant sports authorities. www.eu-ssa.org.

EGBA members
EGBA is comprised of Europe’s top online gaming and betting operators, some of which are listed on the stock exchanges of London, Vienna and Stockholm. Please find the list of our members under our section "about EGBA".